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Exterior of The Edge Theater at 5451 N. Broadway
The Edge Theater's Lobby
The Edge Theater's Booth
Inside The Edge Theater, View from the House
Inside The Edge Theater, View from the Stage
Backstage Kitchenette
Flex Space: an 11' x 30' room for meetings, auditions, & rehearsals
MPR: 30' x 30' space for meetings, auditions, & rehearsals
The Edge Off Broadway Entrance at 1133 W. Catalpa Ave.
The Edge Off Broadway Lobby
The Edge Off Broadway Box Office
The Edge Off Broadway Booth
The Edge Off Broadway, Onstage

Building Features

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Accessible Spaces

Nearly every space in our building is accessible via wheelchair. Although you enter our booths via stairs, there is built-in flexibility for designers to work in the house. Our two other sets of steps are paired with ramps.

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Shared Kitchenette

Our shared kitchenette features a sink, a microwave, and a full-sized fridge where renters are free to keep their perishables during their stay. All appliances and surfaces are cleaned regularly by our staff.

Maintained HVAC

To keep our renters comfortable all year-round, The Edge has three quarterly-maintained HVAC systems that ensure seasonally-appropriate temperatures throughout the whole building. 

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Specs, Rates, & Requirements

Renting from The Edge is designed to be easy and cost-efficient, offering you the independence and professionalism you desire from a venue. View the specs for each space by scrolling up to “About the Spaces” and peruse the photo carousel. For tours and more information, please contact us

Space Specs & Rental Rates

Performances & Events

When you rent a performance space from The Edge, you are also renting all of the quality features that you need to host a successful event. Hover your mouse over each card to read about what’s included with your performance rental, or tap once on mobile.


Front of House staff certified to serve beer, wine, cider, liquor, and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages to your audiences


100% of ticket sales are your earnings alone!


Ushers via our lasting partnership with The Saints to assist with your Front of House needs


Up-to-date sound and light boards, projection systems, intercoms, and sturdy & adaptable rigging systems


Up to two hours of technical training to producers (additional assistance and training available at a reasonable cost)


Easy to understand how-to guides for technical equipment


Street-level garage doors that funnel directly to the double doors of each stage for easy load-ins and strikes


Access to a shared washer and dryer, along with detergent, Dryel, and ditty bags


Access to a shared heavy-duty steamer for costume maintenance and care



Please note: Rates are subject to change.

Theater 1 Performance Weekly Filming
The Edge Theater $375 - $625 $1500 Contact us!
The Edge Off Broadway $300 - $450 $1000 Contact us!
Service/Position Rate
Technician $30/hr
FOHA $22/hr
The Edge Theater
1 Performance $300 - $500
Weekly $1200
The Edge Off Broadway
1 Performance $350
Weekly $800
Service/Position Rate
Technician $25/hr
FOHA $350

Rehearsals, Meetings, & More

We offer ideal spaces for rehearsals, auditions, meetings, workshops, and more. Each space is unique and all have tables/chairs available for a customizable set-up. Whatever your needs, our staff will work with you to ensure your gathering is a success.


Please note: Rates are subject to change.

Multi-Purpose Room
Hourly Rate $10
Corporate Hourly $25
Dimensions 30' x 30'
Flex Space
Hourly Rate $8
Corporate Hourly $25
Dimensions 11' x 30'
The Edge Theater, Proscenium
Hourly Rate $10-$12
Corporate Hourly $75
Dimensions 20' x 30'
The Edge Theater Lobby
Hourly Rate $8
Corporate Hourly $25
Dimensions 18' x 29'
The Edge Theater Off Broadway, Black Box
Hourly Rate $10
Corporate Hourly $75
Dimensions 30' x 30'
Space Hourly Rate Corporate Hourly Dimensions
Multi-Purpose Room $10 $25 30' x 30'
Flex Space $8 $25 11' x 30'
Proscenium $10 - $12 $75 20' x 30'
Proscenium Lobby $8 $25 18' x 29'
Black Box $10 $75 30' x 30'

Rental Requirements

All rentals require liability insurance and a security deposit. For more information, please contact us.

Availability Calendar

Interested in renting from The Edge? We’re interested in having you! Contact us with your desired rental space and time frame and we’ll send you all the particulars you need to host a successful gathering within our walls. Talk to you soon! **Blocks of color on the calendar mean the space(s) are booked for that time**

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