The Edge Theater is a performing arts rental venue dedicated to bringing an array of entertainment and arts experiences to Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood.

Located on the corner of Broadway and Catalpa, The Edge houses two performance spaces: The Edge Theater, a sleek 104-seat proscenium stage, and The Edge Off Broadway, an intimate 45-seat black box. Many beloved companies call The Edge home, not just for performances, but also for rehearsals, auditions, workshops, presentations, and meetings. Any producer, patron, or performer that steps within our walls can expect to be met with the kind of hospitality that leaves a lasting impression.

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Here Now

The Edge Theater

5451 N Broadway St., Chicago, IL 60640

Alluvion Dance Chicago Presents Emergence
Alluvion Dance Chicago Presents Emergence
June 14 - June 15

The Edge Theater

5451 N Broadway St., Chicago, IL 60640

Noumenon Dance Ensemble Presents In My Skin
Noumenon Dance Ensemble Presents In My Skin
June 7 - June 9

The Edge Off Broadway

The Impostors Theatre Co. Presents Footholds Vol. 5
The Impostors Theatre Co. Presents Footholds Vol. 5
June 7 - 15

Up Next

The Edge Theater

Chicago Tap Theatre Presents Can You Hear Us Now?
Chicago Tap Theatre Presents Can You Hear Us Now?
June 20 - 23

The Edge Off Broadway

Needless Productions Presents Edging (vb.)
Needless Productions Presents Edging (vb.)
June 28 - 30
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Explore Our Spaces

The Edge Theater contains six, well-maintained spaces to accommodate a multitude of gatherings. We invite you to peruse the photo carousel below to best understand the unique personality of each space. Thank you for considering renting from The Edge!

Proscenium Theater Lobby

Bar service, cocktail tables, and window seating make this space perfect for events that call for fluid attendance, mingling, and wandering. With a spanning view of Broadway, our picturesque lobby takes the name storefront up a notch to venue.

The Edge Theater

Our proscenium theater has hosted all kinds of events: plays, musicals, concerts, festivals, and even corporate presentations. With 104 seats in the audience including four ADA seats this stage is ideal for hot ticket shows. Elevate your production value with our extensive lighting and sound inventories, electric fly system, LED projector, and Clear-Com intercom. 

Multi-Purpose Room

Need room to spread out? We recommend the Multi-Purpose Room, or MPR for short. Perfect for rehearsals, auditions, workshops, and meetings, this space is big enough to accommodate large casts and ensembles, as well as multiple, simultaneous breakout sessions. The room’s walls are lined with chairs and tables available for your use. 

Flex Space

It’s called “flex” for a reason—this space is as malleable as it gets. First read-through? Arrange the chairs to seat your cast and creatives around our easily movable tables. Time to rehearse? Slide the furniture away and put your odds and ends on the shelves to free up more space. Not a theater company? The Flex Space is great for board meetings and workshops, too!

The Edge Off Broadway Lobby

With its elegant light fixtures, spacious box office, well-stocked bar, and gender-neutral bathrooms, the lobby of our black box provides a warm welcome to your audiences. Enjoy a relaxing, before-the-show drink, or stick around for an after-the-show chat with the cast.

The Edge Off Broadway

This black box is popular among many companies who are looking to transform a space to fit their creative needs. Arrange seating however you please, and utilize our modern lighting, sound, and projection equipment to curate the atmosphere you desire. In our black box, the possibilities are endless!

Rent Space

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Specs, Rates, & Requirements

Renting from The Edge is designed to be easy and cost-efficient, offering you the independence and professionalism you desire from a venue. View the specs for each space by scrolling up to “About the Spaces” and peruse the photo carousel. For tours and more information, please contact us

Space Specs & Rental Rates

Performances & Events

When you rent a performance space from The Edge, you are also renting all of the quality features that you need to host a successful event. Hover your mouse over each card to read about what’s included with your performance rental, or tap once on mobile.


Front of House staff certified to serve beer, wine, cider, liquor, and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages to your audiences


100% of ticket sales are your earnings alone!


Ushers via our lasting partnership with the Saints Organization to assist with your Front of House needs


Up-to-date sound and light boards, projection systems, intercoms, and sturdy & adaptable rigging systems


Up to two hours of technical training to producers (additional assistance and training available at a reasonable cost)


Easy to understand how-to guides for technical equipment


Street-level garage doors that funnel directly to the double doors of each stage for easy load-ins and strikes


Access to a shared washer and dryer, along with detergent, Dryel, and ditty bags


Access to a shared heavy-duty steamer for costume maintenance and care



Rehearsals, Meetings, & More

We offer ideal spaces for rehearsals, auditions, meetings, workshops, and more. Each space is unique and all have tables/chairs available for a customizable set-up. Whatever your needs, our staff will work with you to ensure your gathering is a success.


Rental Requirements

All rentals require liability insurance and a security deposit.

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